Q. Is Dream Philanthropy Non-Profit organization?

A. We are a regular business and not a Non-Profit organization. We were founded on the principle of sharing part of our profits to Charity & other non-profit organization for a good cause. We believe  "Never take more out of life than you intend to give back." - Robert M. Hensel

 Q. How much money is donated?

A. “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” - Mother Teresa

We strive hard to generously donate as much money as we can and at the same time be able to run our day to day business operation. We make sure we donate considerate part of our returns and reinvest the rest towards our business. 


Q.What is the difference between your online shopping store & others?

A. We were founded on one simple principle of let's work hard towards helping others. We always had the vision to help others, spread the love but we never had enough resources to do so. Dream Philanthropy is just a small step towards our larger goal. Let us together make this a success. 

 Q. How would I know which Non -profit organization is supported by Dream Philanthropy?

A. We suggest visiting our "We Care" page where we update our current Non-Profit organization we have pledged to support. We are also looking into other ways through social media channel to keep our customer updated about different good causes Dream Philanthropy is engaged in and contributing towards a better world. 

 Q. Can I have any say where I would like donate or contribute my money?

A. We'd love to hear from you, please get in touch with us to suggest us any organization or good cause you would like us to support. We will try our best to contribute to your cause. 

Q. How you manage to donate and also at the same time be profitable?

A. It's all because people like you who find value in our products and trust in our vision to help the community. We believe that "No one has become poor by giving" 

We Thank You for being our Loyal Customers and being part of Dream Philanthropy family. We Love You!